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Playland Fireworks Schedule and Video

It’s a big fireworks weekend in Rye.

Playland_fireworksRye Playland will be having big fireworks shows on both Thursday, July 3rd and Friday, July 4th. If you live in Rye and have friends within walking distance of Playland, call them right now and tell them you would like to park in their driveway. Then walk down to the boardwalk or the grassy hill just outside of the parking lot exit. If you stand on the boardwalk you will also see a great view of 20 different fireworks shows happening across the Sound on Long Island.

Playland_fireworks_boardwalkAvoid driving on Playland Parkway at all costs. It backs up all the way to the I-95 exit ramp. Use the Boston Post Road or Theodore Fremd for North/South access and use Oakland Beach Avenue or Apawamis (depending which side of Playland Parkway you want to be on) for East/West Access. The Rye police are usually out in force.

Playland Fireworks
Starting 9:15 p.m.
July 3rd & 4th and
Every Wednesday & Friday during July & August thru August 29th

Check out these videos of Playland fireworks on July 4, 2007:


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