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Wainwright Weddings and the Photographer Prenup

Next time sign a pre-nup with your wedding photographer before the big day. Photographers and videographers have to eat too, so they use your wedding photos to vend their services.

Catty comments usually abound at weddings (admit it), so why not enjoy a virtual stroll down several weddings at Rye’s own Wainwright House, a beautiful spot in Rye’s Milton harbor.

Enjoy and keep the comments to yourself. Or post them to MyRye.com using the comment button below…

Jessica and Frankie were married at Wainwright just a few weeks ago in June. Check out the fish eye shot:Jessica_and_frankie

Dorthy and Tom were married at Wainwright in May. Checkout the "I’m out of here" shot: Dorthy_and_tom

Here is a groom in front of Wainwright House who believes he and his friends are in a British rock band: British_rock_band_groom

Alexandra and Steven blew the budget on Wainwright video:


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