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Parade of Mayors, 9-11 Update, Royal Flush, Used Cars – Rye City Council Minutes from May 7, 2008

Royal_flush_urinals(PHOTO: Royal Flush: Rye scored some cash from the Feds for sewer pump station repairs) Continuing our cram session of Rye city council minutes penned by City Clerk Dawn Nodarse, here are the highlights from the 16 agenda items covered at the May 7, 2008 city council meeting. Mayor Otis and all the council members were in attendance.

May 7th was the annual ceremonial meeting at the Square House. The meeting celebrates the fine history of Rye and the meeting minutes recount the comments of Ruth Smalt, Executive Director of the Rye Historical Society [quotes, unless otherwise noted are from the meeting minutes]:

“…[Smalt] welcomed everyone to a recreation of what City Council meetings looked like prior to 1964 when they moved across the Village Green. Ms. Smalt noted that George Washington had commented in his journal about the quality of the people in Rye, after visiting the then Widow Haviland’s Tavern in the early 1700’s. She said she agreed with him on that point and saw it in the room this evening.”

There were thank yous for all the volunteers that make Rye Rye. Councilman Sack went so far as to call volunteerism in Rye “apostolic”. Give that guy a vocabulary leadership award for the night.

Mayor Otis introduced the staff members in attendance – these included:
William Connors, Police Commissioner
Peter Fox, Boat Basin Supervisor
Michael Genito, City Comptroller/Assistant City Manager
George Hogben, Fire Chief
Nicole Levitsky, Rye Cable TV Coordinator
Christian Miller, City Planner
George Mottarella, City Engineer
Dawn Nodarse, City Clerk
Scott Pickup, Assistant City Manager
Kevin J. Plunkett, Corporation Counsel
William Rodriguez, Recreation Supervisor
Sally Rogol, Assistant Recreation Supervisor
Kristen Wilson, Deputy Corporation Counsel

There was also a parade of former mayors and councilpeople:

Former Mayor Ed Granger “remarked on the similarity of many issues faced by Councils in his time and today”

Former Mayor John Carey plugged his RyeTV show on the elections and “opined that RyeTV could offer Presidential candidates an opportunity to conduct traditional “Lincoln/Douglas” type debates”

Former Mayor Warren Ross “was struck by how the Council Members thanked the guests for their service.”

Former Council Member Bill Ball “said it was… terrific that people volunteer”

Former Council Member and current State Assemblyman George Latimer “offered that… he really appreciates his home community and its form of government” (…as opposed to what other form of government? I know we don’t like Harrison football, but do we think they are – the local axis of evil?…)

Former Council Member Joe Latwin who “noted that at one time the entire City government could be run out of this building.”

Former Council Member Carolyn Cunningham said “the longer you live in Rye the more you appreciate the people who have served the City”

Former Council Member Arthur Stampleman said “he loved his time on the Council and thanked everyone on the Council for their work”

Former Council Member Bob Cypher said “it was good to see everyone and encouraged the Council to revive the Youth Advisory Council”

The council finally made haste of the pomp and circumstance and got down to business. A few of the highlights:

September 11th Memorial Update. Holly O’Neill from the September 11th Committee reported they have decided not to proceed with the Memorial and bridge that was previously approved due to the flooding last year (the bridge was scheduled to cross the Blind Brook between the Rye YMCA and the Village Green). The group is considering a gazebo on the Village Green. The Mayor and council were enthusiastic.

  • Boston Post Road Diet. City Planner Christian Miller gave an overview of this project showing the latest version of the plans for the remainder of the Boston Post Road lane reductions that are referred to as the second and third phases.
  • Hen Island. The council retained Corporation Counsel Kevin Plunkett’s firm DelBello, Donnellan, Weingarten, Wise and Wiederkehr, LLP to defend the Zoning Board of Appeals in the Article 78 proceeding commenced by Ray Tartaglione challenging a decision made by the Board. Jordan Glass, an attorney representing the website “Heal the Harbor.com” and who admitted that the website is associated with the same interests as the petitioner, questioned the appointment of the DelBello firm. Mayor Otis said it was the right of the City Council to determine what law firm will handle the litigation and they have a recommendation from the Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Royal Flush. Rye scored a grant for up to $191,000 in federal funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sewer pump station repairs.
  • Used_car_salesmanUsed Cars for Sale. The city declared six vehicles surplus. If you are interested, call City Manager Paul Shew:

1998 Ford Windstar, Vin # 2FMZA51VOWBD53764, Mileage 58,518
998 Ford Expedition Vin # 1FMPU18L3WLB48816, Mileage 82,999
2005 Ford Crown Victoria Vin # 2FAHP71W85X156098, Mileage 73,564
1993 Chevy 3500 Vin # 1GBJK34R0XF083353, Mileage 53,340
1996 Chevy 3500 Vin # 1GBJK34RXTE229936, Mileage 84,290
2001 Chevy Tahoe Vin # GNEK13V81J293386, Mileage 93,382



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