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Our Flood, Their Flood and Your Help

As of this writing Monday evening, New Orleans seems to have skirted a major run-in with Hurricane Gustav. Even so, half of the city and over one million homes in Louisiana remain without power. Gustav and the death and destruction it left through the Caribbean in its path towards the Gulf Coast is a reminder of what still needs to be done before another storm like Katrina is successful in making landfall onto our Crescent City.

Through Rye’s own experience with the floods of April 15 and March 2, 2007 we know how destructive flood waters can be. Three years after Hurricane Katrina there still is a massive amount of work to be done. You can help by making a donation to the Greater New Orleans Foundation or the Red Cross or even better go plan a vacation and spend your money in New Orleans. We recommend Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras or any other occasion you have to eat great food and hear great music. Distress or not, New Orleaneans know how to entertain their guests in style.


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