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Rye Off The Record: Manhunt by Rye Police Thursday Night

UPDATE (Friday 4:45pm): MyRye received the following statement from the Rye PD: "Last night we were responding to a report of a suspicious person walking through the back yards in the Greenhaven Area.  At the time we were being assisted by the Westchester County Police helicopter and the Harrison PD K-9 Unit. After a complete search of the area no one was found, as of this time there have been no reports of criminal activity in the area."

UPDATE (Friday 9:00am): Another report that 11:00pm last night (Thursday) the police K-9 unit was searching properties on Park Avenue. When neighbors called the police they were told to stay inside, lock doors and turn on outside lights and alarms.

UPDATE (Friday 7:00am): Another report that this incident began when Rye Neck homeowners walked in on a burglar. Word is after hours of searching, no suspect was apprehended. A similar manhunt took place in Harrison Wednesday evening, also without success. No confirmation of these or other activities yet from the Rye PD.

Beginning at approximately 9:30pm Thursday evening, Rye Police were driving at high speeds through Bradford Park and the southern part of Rye and a police helicopter with a searchlight was flying overhead. Neighbors reported that police went to stop a man on the Boston Post Road.

According to reports, the man, dressed in black clothes, fled into the yard of 301 Boston Post Road. Neighborhood residents were asked to stay indoors after interfering with the infrared heat detection system carried by the helicopter being used for the manhunt. At least one helicopter was still airborne at 11:30pm.

The Rye Police Department has yet to respond to an information request by MyRye.com. Post any information you have by leaving a comment below.


  1. Funny, when I called the police to ask if we were safe to walk the dog I was told that it was safe. I didn’t feel that safe with the heilcopter overhead and the Westchester county, Harrison and Rye police departments speeding down Park Ave. all night.


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