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Text Messaging by Students “OOC” [“out of control” if you are an OM and don’t understand]

Text messaging by Rye Middle Scool students is "OOC". Sixth graders were singled out in an email sent home by middle school social worker Peter Green.


Green reports students are receiving and forwarding text messages that "contain insults or slurs" (TISNC) and is asking for intervention by middle school parents. Green tells parents "you might want to take their phone and look at their sent and received messages" and the school issues the judgement "In our opinion, early adolescents are better off without the capability of sending and receiving text messages on their cell-phones, but that is an issue for parents to decide."

CUNS. Here is the email:

"October 20, 2008

Dear Parents,

It has come to our attention that a number of students, particularly in the 6th grade, are receiving and forwarding inappropriate text messages on their cell-phones.  Some of these messages contain insults or slurs; others contain threats of consequences that can be averted if the message is forwarded to others (“chain-mail texts”).

Some of the students are concerned about these text messages, but, because they are not typically being sent during school hours, we have a limited ability to respond.  We would appreciate some help and intervention from RMS parents.

If you have a sixth grader who has a cell-phone with text messaging privileges, you might want to take their phone and look at their sent and received messages.  If you find inappropriate messages, please take the opportunity to talk with them about the potential consequences of this behavior.  This form of electronic bullying could constitute harassment, a criminal offense.  They have already seen a presentation about these issues from the Westchester District Attorney’s office.

In our opinion, early adolescents are better off without the capability of sending and receiving text messages on their cell-phones, but that is an issue for parents to decide.

At Rye Middle School, we are committed to making our school a place where students feel safe to learn and grow.  Thanks for helping us to achieve that goal."


  1. Nipping the texting problem in the bud early? You’ve got to be kidding! Certain kids in RMS have been engaging in inappropriate texting, cyber bulling, and the more low-tech passing insults via notes for years and it never bothered Ann Edwards before. Moreover, the kids who are regular Eddie Haskells in public and give the RMS the stats it needs to keep up the illusion that it’s a good school, can be as disrespectful as they want to other students with no consequences from the narcoleptic administration. This is more grandstanding on the part of Ann Edwards to make it seem as if she’s competent. The majority of parents arequietly instilling in their kids important values, and know that the true character of a person is what he or she does when no one is watching.

    What does Ann Edwards do when no one is watching?

  2. WOW! THIS IS DISTURBING GIVEN THAT MY DAUGHTER WILL BE ENTERING 6TH GRADE THIS COMING SCHOOL YEAR.I’M CONFIDENT THAT MY DAUGHTER KNOWS BETTER AND WILL NOT ENGAGE IN SUCH BEHAVIOR. Being a Midland Parent I can tell you I have had my share of issues w/how Dr.Grille operates or should I say use to operate. I also “NIPPED THAT IN THE BUTT”! Given the untimely fatal accident of Jarrid we have not had the opportunity to experience how Dr.Edwards operates.I hope it is not in line w/how Dr.Grille use to. She would definitely be barking up the wrong tree. When it comes to my children I have zero tolerance for Adults in the position of authority accusing or including them in wrong doing. I am not saying my children are angels but they better be dead on accurate when including them with such behavior.

  3. Use wisdom when approaching Ann Edwards. Ask parents who have been through the middle school their opinion of her administrative chops and her character. Also check out if she has been known to use children to retaliate against adults who have disagreed with her publicly. Just sayin’

  4. Everyone is corrupt and evil. Sorta like the Shubert Swamp fiasco. In a matter of days the water disappeared. Same with the sweet old Rye. It became Crye in a matter of days and seemed to coincide with the arrival of Mr. Flotie. Do we need to hire a plumber to find out where the corruption and evil is coming from?

  5. Are there any good people in Crye,
    No one used the word corrupt here. Beg to differ….. Sweet old Rye has definitely changed but it didn’t happen in a matter of days. And you definitely do not need a plumber we all know exactly where the corruption & evil lurkes!!!


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