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Buy Rye (.com) for $27,500

You can buy Rye for $27,500.

Jeremy Padawer, a known "domainer" (a collector and re-seller of web domain names) is selling www.Rye.com on a Sedo.com auction. The one current single bid in the domain auction is $27,500. A toy industry executive by day at Jakks Pacific, Padawer has reportedly sold a variety of domains including act.com in the year 2000 for $500,000. He now specializes in buying, squatting on, and re-selling .mobi domain names.

Rye.com auction Padawer, in an email to MyRye.com, pitches: "This domain name has significant value and its sale could be of great interest to your readers in Rye and in the Lower Hudson Valley… every day Rye.com receives direct type-in traffic from people looking for Rye information.  This highly targeted direct traffic is valuable. For instance, imagine the value of a single real estate lead in a town where the average sale price is $1MM+."

Padawer told a blogger:

"I started domaining in 1996. I was 23 and convinced that generic domain names had a significant future. I was living in a $300 relatively run-down apartment building in Knoxville, Tennessee, living on student loans, eating mostly turkey sandwiches. I still hate Karl Budding turkey.  After finishing undergraduate school at the University of Texas, I jumped directly into a legal education. I bought my first domain names (schmuck.com, uninsured.com, arrange.com, spaniel.com – all now sold) with student loans. I believe the cost was $100/domain at the time.

To make a long story short, I finished law school and went on to also complete an MBA program at Vanderbilt… My destiny was to have $200,000 debt. Because of the domaining world, and my sincere professor’s reminder, I paid for the JD/MBA, a few cars, and a nice down payment on a beach condo in Santa Monica with domain names."

You can learn more about the Rye.com domain and see the seller's LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. 


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