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Vote Early and Often: It’s Election Day in Rye (and Everywhere Else too)

Whether you are a maverick or an agent of change, get out there and vote people! Find your Rye voting location here. Polls are open today, Tuesday, November 4th, from 6am to 9pm.

After 9pm Eastern, watch local Westchester results as they post here.

Here are your choices today, courtesy of SmartVoter:

President of the United States

Cynthia McKinney, Green
Ralph Nader, Independent
Bob Barr, Libertarian
Barack Obama, Democratic, Working Families
John McCain, Republican, Independence, Conservative
Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism and Liberation
Roger Calero, Socialist Workers
United States Representative 

United States Representative; District 18

Nita M. Lowey, Democratic, Working Families
Jim Russell, Republican, Conservative

State Senator; District 37

Suzi Oppenheimer, Democratic, Working Families
Liz Feld, Republican, Independence, Conservative
State Assembly 

Member of the State Assembly; District 91

George S. Latimer, Democratic, Independence, Working Families
Rob Biagi, Republican, Conservative

County Court Judge; Westchester County

Raymond W. Belair, Right to Life
Susan M. Capeci, Democratic, Working Families

State Propositions 

Proposition 1 Proposal Number One, An Amendment
The proposed amendment would eliminate the requirement that veterans who were disabled in the actual performance of duty in any war be receiving disability payments from the United State Veterans Administration in order to qualify for additional points on a civil service examination for appointment or promotion. Under the proposed amendment, the disability must only be certified to exist by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The proposed amendment would also update the reference to the "United States Veterans Administration" to instead refer to the "United States Department of Veterans Affairs" to reflect current federal government structure. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?


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