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Art of Rye: My First In-flight by Angela Lleras

Art of Rye is a new feature of MyRye.com where we will occasionally feature artwork of Rye, New York. See below for directions on how to recommend an artist or art work for display.

My First In-flight by Angela Lleras

30_in_flight_cardinal male in read sanctuary angela lleras







About the Photo

The photo shows a male Northern Cardinal at the Edith G Read Sanctuary.

About the Artist

Angela Lleras is an amateur photographer who lives in the Bronx. "I love nature and photography. I love taking pictures of birds. Recently I found the Edith G Read Sanctuary in Rye New York. This place has become my favorite place to walk, watch birds and take photographs, I try to visit at least once
a week," Lleras told MyRye.com.

Suggest an Artist or Artwork

Do you know know about an artist or artwork (painting, photography or another medium) that should be featured on MyRye.com? The actual artwork must be of a person or place in Rye, New York.

Contact us or post a comment with your suggestions.


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