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Art of Rye: Wainwright Trees #2: Hand Colored Photo on Paper by Elasah Schaff-Smith

Art of Rye is a new feature of MyRye.com where we will occasionally feature artwork of Rye, New York. See below for directions on how to recommend an artist or art work for display.

Wainwright Trees #2 by Elasah Schaff-Smith, Hand Colored Photo on Paper

IMG_6166_2 Wainwright House trees multiple 












About the Painting

Painting depicts trees on the grounds of Wainwright House. Titled Wainwright Trees #2, Hand Colored Photo on Paper. Elasah Schaff-Smith's paintings of trees are on exhibit at the Trees for Life Art Exhibit at Wainwright House January 11 – February 8. Trees are the centerpiece of an awareness and fund-raising campaign by The Environmental Advocacy Group of Rye (EAGR) to re-tree communities in Westchester County starting in Rye.

About the Artist

Elasah Schaff-Smith is an artist that comes from Chicago and now resides in Pelham. Her deep love of nature is the main source of inspiration for her work.  Her paintings and photos reflect the feelings in the changing environment.  When not on location, her studio provides a place where she experiments with a variety of techniques. 

 A strong sense of color has manifested not only in her work but also through a business of Color Consulting.  She has worked with private clients in homes and has taught special classes to children and adults, encouraging their creative expression.

Suggest an Artist or Artwork

Do you know know about an artist or artwork (painting, photography or another medium) that should be featured on MyRye.com? The actual artwork must be of a person or place in Rye, New York.

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