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Penny For Your Thoughts: Find The Value in Knowing What You Want

MyRye.com social scene columnist Pamela Baur says each of us should know what we want.

Penny2 This morning I noticed and picked up on old penny on the sidewalk as I was leaving Andy’s Pure Food in Rye, yes, it’s true, I’m taking on the 3 day cleanse you can find displayed on their front window. I took the penny as a fortuitous sign upon my leaving great things were on the way! As it turns out, I was right; the penny was the first of three great things to come to me today!

The second was the message I took away from a movie I saw after work – “He’s Just Not That Into You” and fittingly it’s a movie I went to by myself, talk about a thread of divine comedy! This is no pity post though, that I can assure you (I also bought myself flowers yesterday too!) The message I took from the movie is extremely refreshing almost as refreshing as my electrolyte lemonade, course #3 of Andy’s cleanse!

The message of the movie is a fun and simple one, and it is this: all we have to do, in life and in relationships is ask for what we want, accept what is given, and continue on the path towards what we want to create.  We often get so caught up in wondering what someone else wants, we lose track of what we want, and most of all lose belief in knowing we can have anything we want.

Rainbow over rye Also, let me say to those of you who are saying “sounds like a great theory, but I don’t know what I want” – sorry, that’s a cop-out and an excuse cover for saying, “I won’t choose what I want, then I’d have to be accountable for creating it! And at the heart of that position, there’s the belief that what they really want couldn’t be possible. Knowing what you want is easy, it means taking what you want in your hands and running with it! I know what I want, and I know I will create it my life, I know because I’m committed to it.

BraceletsThis leads me to the third serendipitous gift that found its way into my hands today, a package from my friend Ferran in Spain which I had requested he send me well over a month ago. I wrote him in search of my favorite bracelets I used to buy while living in Italy; I call them my rainbow wish bracelets. They are sold in random places like the town market in Florence or along Las Ramblas in Barcelona. You tie them on, make a wish – just as you’d wish on a rainbow – and wear the bracelet till it falls off, and then your wish comes true.

And, in all honesty, as I sit here writing this post, I only hold in my hand the “sorry I missed you note” from the Rye post man, so in truth, it won’t be until tomorrow when I go receive the package that I’ll know for sure that the package awaiting me is in fact the rainbow bracelets, and I still know it.

I know it because it was just today I emailed Ferran in follow up asking about the package, I know from seeing the penny on my floor just now which fell out of my pocket and then spurred me to write this. I know it just as I’ve known something from the other serendipitous delights I’ve enjoyed since November have all fallen into place perfectly. Most of all, I know it like I know there is someone out there who wants what I want, and know anything in life is possible, and know what you all want is out there is waiting for you too.

So, with that said, if someone wants a rainbow wish bracelet let me know…the only rule is, you have to know what you want!

Pamela_2_smallPamela Baur has enjoyed living in Rye since 2007. She works as a project manager with a local entrepreneurial business development firm.


  1. Pam,
    I definitely don’t want or need that cleanse, on second thought maybe I do need it. I am not sure if they make the bracelets large enough to fit over my yellow boots, if they do please give me Ferran’s e-mail address so I may contact him. But I do know I would like the city of Rye to find me a home in an approved sewage system along the shores of Hen Island. In the mean time I will take your advice and continue to ask for what I want, accept what is given, and continue on the path towards what I want to create. Great pearls of wisdom. Thank You

  2. Pam,
    What a beautifully written essay. I like your approach – that intentionality, that direction that you want to go, that person out there in the world that will fit together with you, embracing you, supporting you, listening to you, engaging you.

    It’s the choosing that you want and pursuing that choice that will lead to happiness.

    I’d love one of the bracelets! I have some of those same dreams!

    – David

  3. What a rambling, trite, and pretentious article – about as insightful as a sappy film based on a self-help book about dating. Perhaps one of Pam’s international friends could explain to me what is so serendipitous about receiving a gift (or post man’s receipt)that she was expecting.

    P.S. Andy’s new age cleansing whatever sounds absolutely atrocious.

  4. So happy to hear you are having a good day Pam. I have always known what I want from my life and have made the concious choice to choose and work toward getting it whether it be an emotional or fiscal desire. Truth be told, the idea is often ingruent and as much as I have to agree that your pearls of wisdom and hope are laudable, they are trite as this is a social scene column you are supposed to be writing not a self-help page. If you want to write a self help column then choose it and pitch it and opt out of the social scene report.

    PS – I have done the cleanse at Andy’s and not only is it expensive, it made me feel like doo-doo! Good luck!

  5. I’m Confused! Was this about the Bracelets or plugs for Andy’s? I’ll take 6 Bracelets & where each one in the names of some the a…. on The City Council hoping they will go away with the bracelets falling off.How about a Social Review on the “LACK” of Socialism in RYE!

  6. well, you all certainly gave me your feedback on this one! Luckily, I see all feedback as valuable even if some of you think this post is only worth about a penny! And in response to Rye Grille, yes it’s open and everyone seems to be going,personally thus far it has me saying blah blah blah.

  7. Pam thanks for the review on the RG – think I’ll let the excitement wear off before attempting to wade through the masses at the bar. Hope you received your bracelets!

  8. I actually liked your article. I think it’s refreshing to find someone who can read into, and find something so simple as a penny, as a positive symbol in todays crappy enviroment.

    For those of you with negative comments, will you please just pass it over. This town has enough problems as it is. Give someone who has something nice to say the encouragement to keep speaking. Pam, if you haven’t, read “The Little Prince.” I think you’ll like it.

  9. Pam,

    You are a beautiful lady with obviously much to offer anyone with their eyes open wide enough to see you – thanks for your honest emotion and for appreciating the ordinary simple things a day can bring about.

  10. Excuse me…I think I just threw up a little in my mouth…and it wasn’t from the fluids from the cleansing diet. (Hey…if you believe that, there’s a bridge for sale, cheap.)


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