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Doug French to Run for Rye Mayor – Seeking Republican, Indy and Conservative Ticket

Rye resident Doug French run for Rye Mayor. The full announcement follows.

April 22, 2009

For Immediate Release


Doug French Rye NY Douglas French, business executive and community leader announced today that he will seek the office of Mayor of the City of Rye in this year’s upcoming November election.  French said he is reaching out to the Independence, Republican and Conservative Parties for their party nominations.

“2010 could be one of the most critical years in Rye’s history as the lagging effects of the recession will hit our community and businesses especially hard.  We are going in opposite directions as property values, personal and business income, and wealth are dropping, while the size of our government, municipal debt, and property taxes are rising — not to mention the upcoming cost burden of a combined $15M from the Osborn Home litigation and a balloon payment for the purchase of the old CVS building.” 

“Our local council needs to set the strategic direction for Rye, yet it has gone adrift and become bogged down in administrative issues and tasks.  This is not the time for that to happen. Now is the time for our local council to effectively manage us through this crisis and plan for Rye’s future.  It is time for new leadership, new ideas, and new thinking.  Public service has always been a part of my 22 years in Rye and I believe my management experience and leadership skills can bring about the positive change we need.”

“If we squeeze financially the businesses and people that live here and have grown up here, we will become just another transient place to live – and not the community we are.  The Rye experience is all about the people, our social groups and our neighborhoods.  That is what makes it so unique.  I am hearing from people in Rye that they don’t know if they will be able to stay here next year, let alone the next 5 to 10 years.  That is the fundamental reason for my candidacy – a decision that began in June of 2008 when I held a citizens forum.”  

Thomson Reuters Corporation, New York, NY (1996–Present)
$15 billion Global News and Information-Technology Company for business and professional markets — Vice President, Marketing, Investment Management Division 

Standard & Poor’s, New York, NY (1993– 1996)
Subsidiary of $5 billion McGraw-Hill providing financial analysis and services worldwide

American Arbitration Association, New York, NY (1988-1993)
$40 million provider of dispute resolution services in labor, employment and all business sectors

French Cestone & Associates Advertising, Valhalla, NY (1985–1988)
$2 million healthcare advertising and communications company

• Masters of Business Administration
Pace University, NY, NY (1996), Marketing Major
• Bachelor of Arts
State University of New York, Cortland, NY (1985)
Economics Major, Business Management Minor

• Chair Rye Recreation Commission and member (2000 – present)
• Co-Chair Safe Routes to School and Trailways Committee (2007- present)
• Co-Chair Thruway Fields Project (2008 – present)
• Chair Durland Project Committee (2007)
• Vice Chair Rye City Republican Committee (1994–2002)
• District Leader Rye City Republican Committee (1989 — 2002)
• Commissioner Rye City Cable Commission (1994-1997)

45 years of age, 22-year Rye resident.  Wife (Carrie) and three children (Sam 18 yrs., Kimberly 14 yrs., and Max 11 yrs.) currently at RHS and RMS


  1. Well, Finally a worthy competitor,family man,caring man,
    I have known Doug & his Family personally for the past 20 years and will endorse him ALL THE WAY.
    Rye finally has someone to look up to & someone who will listen to his residents and answer them with COMPLETE TRUTH at all times!

  2. Well I am certainly happy that Doug French has stepped up and will be a worthy opponent to Otis. Hopefully Otis won’t even bother to run again. Rye needs a change for the better. Republican or not, if you do what is right for your community, when the dust clears all that matters is that someone did their best for the well being of everyone.

  3. I’ve known Doug and his family for many, many years. I am confident in his ability to bring back the “Old Rye”. Go DOUG FRENCH!

  4. Molly –

    So nice you can dismiss such a large portion of the population merely because of a label. Too bad the rest of the world can’t be as caring and compassionate as you, eh?

    How’d you like it if I called you a dumb broad, merely because you’re a woman?

  5. I’m with The Mirror – and I’m a woman and a democrat! We’ve known the Frenches for 12 years and they are a terrific family. Totally not the country-club Republican type! Doug is intelligent, personable and reasonable. Absolutely qualified to be mayor. Though why anyone would want such a thoroughly thankless job is beyond me!!

  6. Molly,
    U are exactly what we don’t need or want in Rye. So why don’t you put a face to your identity with such harsh remarks? U must be part of the Scooter,Linus clan!
    DO YOU ALWAYS JUDGE SOMEONE FROM WHAT YOU HEAR? PRETTY SAD & SHALLOW! I have known this man & his family for a very long time & I can tell u you are way off base!
    I have been to the CC with him & I had a BLAST!!!
    Mirror- Ur right definitely dumb… I doubt being a woman has anything to do with it!
    Molly-Since u don’t have what it takes to figure out my identity I saved u the trouble! ENJOY!

  7. Be Rational,
    If the job is done right it can be very rewarding. Otis is the only reason it is THANKLESS!!!
    Right on with your view of the French’s & since you know Doug you probably know he will show us the way!!!

  8. yay Doug French!!!!
    i think he’ll bring good change to Rye. Molly, if you don’t support him…don’t bother saying anything at all. just shut up.

    <3 doug french 🙂

  9. ahhhh douglas, finally a respectable man.

    i am so elated that you have announced your canidacy, for sure you have my vote. Your a respectable family man and i know your capable of making rye a place for the better.

    ooooh dougie, i know your in it for all the good reasons. He has greaat kids and he’s a very considerate man the best of luck to you. I hope we can finally get old stevie out of office.

    once again, great kids.

  10. WOW-U really got beat up here Molly!
    Didn’t ur mommy ever teach u when u have nothing nice to say to “KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT”???


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