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Rye PD on Prostitution via Craigslist: The Money is Easy

Happy hooker According to the Rye police department, making money hooking yourself via the Internet is easy money.

In a story in the Boston Globe highlighting the rampant use of sites like Craigslist to peddle prostitution, Rye Police Detective Lieutenant Joseph Verille said:

"Police Detective Lieutenant Joseph Verille of Rye City, N.Y., said: "We've had girls that are med students putting themselves through school. We had a couple of, I'd call them housewives, who are married, come up from the city who are looking to make some extra money, and we've had everything from strung-out drug addicts up."

Verille's department set up a task force last year with three other towns to combat prostitution after complaints from hotels about sex workers in their rooms.

"The money's easy," he said. "And it's easy to advertise yourself. In the old days, you had to walk the street or do it by word of mouth. It wasn't that easy to get business. Now, you can just go online and post yourself, and it's pretty anonymous. It's an easy way to make a quick buck.""

The Rye PD handled the initial bust referenced above and a subsequent bust that included a Rye resident being charged for solicitation. Rye also happened to be the spot last summer where the Connecticut Attorney General and the CEO of Craigslist hammered out an agreement to better control the advertisement of prostitution via the Internet classified service.


  1. Why doesn’t the Commissioner and his Lieutenants direct their attention towards the more serious issues at hand in RYE? INSTEAD…..THEY attract this behavior by advertising it on craigslist and using the Courtyard Marriott as their base. So this is why we hired Connors…..to set up prostitution rings! I seem to remember someone stating that this same Lieutenant was acting Commissioner when Jarrid Amico was struck & killed. Instead of responding to the call he took a City owned vehicle to Brewster to watch his daughter play softball.
    And why are we paying this guy….so he can ignore citizens in need & set up prostitution rings. Seems like the City Council isn’t the only place in need of a shake up!!!

  2. ICARE:

    I agree with 100%. I did hear that Verille’s daughter went 1 for 3 that day though. What did Connors, Shew and Otis do to Verille? Nothing.

    I also heard that Verille took around 35 sick days two years in a row in addition to telling the Police Commissioner at the time that he hoped he crashed his car on the way home and died in a ball of flames.

    That to me sounds like the upper, upper echelon of insubordination. That’s the same time frame Verille was in the self proclaimed F— You platoon.

    Did you hear the one about Verille refusing to respond in his Rye owned car from his house in Brewster when two people tragically died in a fire on Mayfield Street? He said he had to drive his kids to school that morning and despite being a fire investigator, he did not respond. What did Connors, Shew and Otis do to Verille for this? Nothing.

    Did you hear the one about Verille submitting false documents to the New York State Department of Criminal Justice with regard to the Rye Police Department’s accreditation certification? What did Connors, Novak, Otis and the D.A.’s office do to Verille for this? Nothing?

    Did you hear the one about Verille being one of only two members of the department to refuse to join the PBA sick bank? Shortly thereafter he had a serious health issue. All of a sudden he wanted to get in the sick bank because he had used all his sick days from calling out sick so many times including somewhere around 35 times in a year twice. Unfortunately for Verille and his family at the time, he was shut out of the sick bank for refusing to join it at the inception.

    This illness also caused Verille’s license to be suspended. That didn’t stop Verille from driving Rye Police Department vehicles or his own vehicle though. In fact, Verille drove to the Sergeants test with a suspended license.

    To devote to base or unworthy purposes; to give up to low or indiscriminate use; as, to prostitute talents; to prostitute official powers. –Milton.

    Sounds to me like the only prostitute here is Verille.

  3. Bleedingears,
    I am by far not a cop or part of any union or PBA’s. I am a Father,life long Rye Resident, most of all I am someone who gives a shit unlike yourself,Verille,Falk,Connors!!!
    Get with the program or get the out!!!


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