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Journal News Endorses Nathan, Slack and Newbie Schmitt for Rye School Board, Calls race “One of the Nastiest”

The Journal News (LoHud.com) editorial board has endorsed incumbents Josh Nathan and Laura Slack and newbie Ray Schmidt for Rye school board. George Cady is not running for re-election. The election is this coming Tuesday, May 19, 2009.

The endorsement leaves Susan Hendler, Gwen Hughes, Christopher E. Repetto, Steven Tuch on the sidelines.

The endorsement says in part:

"The race… is one of the hottest contested elections in the Lower Hudson Valley. Regrettably, it is also one of the nastiest. Rye needs fair leaders on the school board who know their obligation to all those with a stake in the district. We endorse incumbents Joshua Nathan and Laura Slack, each of whom are seeking a second, three-year term. For a third seat, we endorse Ray Schmitt…

…Frustration over the teachers' contract has become enmeshed in confusion, if not distortion, by some in the community over some teacher-tenure issues. That has been spun into finger-pointing and accusations against the backdrop of a raft of ugly e-mails, personal attacks on board members and heated discussions at recent board meetings.

…Enough. Voters in the district need to be clear when they go to the polls Tuesday that they want sound leadership. Both Nathan and Slack have demonstrated an ability to maintain's Rye's educational excellence while not allowing fiscal free-wheeling to topple gains. Among the contributions during their tenure: adding elementary school foreign language; completion of capital projects; budgets for voters that annually have had among the lowest tax-rate increases in Westchester…"


  1. I couldn’t agree more. This is exactly the 3 I will be & everyone should be voting for. Everyone else has a different agenda. It seems to be the way around here(RYE)!!!
    This behavior needs to end and everyone needs to realize that the children are watching and are the real victims here. Rye use to be a PROUD place. Between what goes on with the City Council & now the RTA & BOE things have definitely become out of control.
    The right people need to step up and take control of the situations and put a positive up hill spin on all of this. Nathan,Slack,Schmidt,French,Chittenden,
    are all worthy candidates and should be highly respected & commended with our votes!!!

  2. I guess the impartial observers on the Editorial Board share my nasty personal “agenda”?

    A wise man once said, an agenda is what someone has when they have the temerity to disagree with you.

    Hendler’s manic phone calls didn’t work their magic, and her vendetta has backfired resoundingly.

    Thank you, Susan, for being so awful to people who have never harmed you in any way. You are better than a dozen lawn signs.

    You and Zung are quite the team.


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