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Rye Country Day Alum Sent to Slammer

First it's the swine flu over at Rye Country Day School. Now a Rye Country Day School alumnus is being sent to the slammer. Not for a stereotypical white collar crime such as money laundering or a financial ponzi scheme. Nothing that nouveau riche… Something much more "old money" – a good old fashioned bank robbery.

Christian A. Torres, 22, was a New York City police officer and graduate of Rye Country Day School, where he attended on a full scholarship. Now he has received 10 years in the slammer for a bank robbery in Pennsylvania last year. He still remains to be charged for two additional robberies in New York.

A story from the Associate Press, said in part:

"In his youth, Mr. Torres had a scholarship to Rye Country Day School and attended the John Jay College of Criminal Justice before entering the police academy, the lawyer said…

Mr. Torres, who authorities have said joined the New York Police Department in July 2007 and was assigned to the Brooklyn transit bureau, admitted robbing the Reading bank in April 2008. Wearing a hat and wig, he approached an employee in the parking lot as the bank was opening in the morning, followed her inside and forced employees into a vault at gunpoint before leaving with $113,000…

Mr. Torres has been in prison since his arrest for the Reading robbery."


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