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MyRye.com on Twitter If you don't know Twitter, don't worry. It simply means you don't have A.D.D., don't work for an Internet start-up or venture capital firm and don't work for the media.

Detractors say Twitter, which allows you to publicly broadcast messages of up to 140 characters, is a poor man's email and are praying for it to become yesterday's story. Fans say it is better than email, Facebook and MySpace (combined!) and that Google had better buy (overpay) for the company quickly before it is crushed by this social media start-up.


MyRye.com is on Twitter, so please follow us. We broadcast our new stories (not particularly inventive, we know) and we want to follow each of you – so you can tell us what you know and see and hear about Rye. So call us out in your "Tweets" (@MyRye) when you have something important to say about Rye or send us a direct message with any super secret tips.

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  1. This is good news Jay.

    BTW, the rumor in media circles is to expect Google to launch their own Twitter killing application very soon. Thus unless the venture backers like USV can find a way to unload Twitter onto a wireless carrier or other strategic acquirer in short order they will have a very famous revenue-less success on their hands.

  2. Congratulations, Jay, on getting on board Twitter so quickly. Like every new medium, and they will be coming at us at an increasing speed in this century, Twitter will be controversial.
    There are those who are hooked for a month or a year, those who say “never” and people like me, in the middle.
    I know tweets have their place, but at 140 characters they are limited.
    Oh, and you’re right. Twitter is very soothing for my ADHD. It’s better than on line shoe shopping or biting nails!


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