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Dog Bites Child, Parents Looks for Dog

Craig and Liz Delizia need your help.

Aerin, their 2 year old daughter, was bitten on the face by a dog last saturday on Purchase street, and they need to find the dog's owner to confirm the dog is up to date on its shots.

In the frenzy of the moment the parents rushed to the emergency room without getting the owner's phone number. "We are not pursuing the owner for any other reason then to see the dog's records. If we don't obtain this information right away our daughter will need rabies shots as a precaution and we'd like to avoid that at all costs. She's been through enough," said Rye resident Liz Delizia.

The Delizia's daughter was bitten Saturday, September 26th around 3:30 pm on Purchase Street directly outside June and Ho. The dog was light brown, about 45 pounds, possibly a young golden doodle. The owner was a woman, about 5' 6" dark hair mid 40's. Email lizdelizia@gmail.com or call 917-449-7043 with any information.


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