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Rye People: City Council Candidate Myles Lavelle

With the November 3rd elections just around the corner, it’s time for MyRye.com to introduce you to the candidates looking for your vote. This is your city and your election, so tell us what you think of the candidates and of our coverage. Leave your comments below.

Today we introduce you to city council candidate Myles Lavelle.

Your Name: Myles P. Lavelle

Position You’d Like To Have: City Council, City of Rye

Myles Lavelle 

Your Day Job: Director of Research Sales – Managing Director – Broadpoint AmTech – we deliver timely investment ideas for mutual funds and asset managers focused in target sectors. Our team maintains strong relationships with more than 300 institutional investors including mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, investment managers and investment advisors.

If MyRye.com asked your co-workers for one word to describe you, what one word would they use?


Candidate closing statement at The Osborn Debate (October 19, 2009):

Your Political Affiliation:

Republican, although I am running on the Democratic Party of Rye City. I don’t believe party affiliation plays a major role at the local level rather I believe in an open government that values public participation

Why are you running for elected office?

My decision to run for city council was based on keeping Rye affordable.  Controlling property taxes and maintaining quality services is a major priority.  I grew up in Rye and would like to know my children will have the same opportunity I had to live in a safe, affordable community, with exceptional schools and services.

City elections are coming up this fall. What should we know about the elections this fall? Who else on the ticket are you supporting?

Steve Otis, Andy Ball, Joe Murphy and I will strive to navigate the City through the changing economy while maintaining our infrastructure, reducing costs, controlling taxes, and protecting Rye’s strong fiscal position.

What are the three most important issues facing Rye over the next five years?

1.  City Finances – continue to manage the budget by controlling taxes, maintain services and keeping Rye affordable.

2.  Quality of Life – maintain an open government that allows civil, public participation based on what is best for the citizens of Rye.

3. Flooding – reduce the risk of damage caused by flooding.  Identify and implement strategy to mitigate flooding.

Rye sustained $80 million in damage in the April 15, 2007 flood.  Is Rye prepared for the next “100 Year” flood? What are the most important things we need to do to prepare, how much will they cost and how should Rye pay for them?

1. Continue to indentify, implement and complete projects to mitigate flood damage from the 2007 flood.

2. Indentify and have a working knowledge of flood issues.  In addition implement a strategy and process to prevent flood damage

3. Seek county, state, and federal governments funding to assist municipal flood prevention projects.

Teachers in Rye public schools have been operating without a contract for over two years due to a stalemate between Rye’s Board of Education and the Rye Teacher’s Association. What specifically should be done to resolve this stalemate, if anything?

Rye City Council does not have jurisdiction over the schools.  Its unfortunate the Board of Education and the Rye Teachers Association have not resolved the contract dispute, but I am confident they will come to an understanding in the near future. 

Grade Rye’s handling of the following issues over the last two years on an A, B, C, D or F scale

Flooding and flood mitigation (Bowman Avenue dam, Elm Place Wall, Central Avenue Bridge, etc.) –  B-

Obviously nobody could have predicted the damage done by the last flood. That said, I think it’s vital to identify and implement strategies to protect for the “next one” and continue to secure outside funds whenever possible.

Fiscal responsibility including taxes, budgeting and labor relations (Overall budget, taxes, litigation) – A-

The City Council has done a good job maintaining services under a very tight budget and keeping our Aaa bond rating.

Public works including condition of sidewalks and roads and snow, leaf, garbage and recycling removal –  A- 

The new design of the Boston Post Road was a major improvement. The DPW staff is second to none in snow, leaf and garbage removal. Infrastructure is a priority and must remain one to improve some of the existing sidewalks. 

Safety including policing, fire and traffic – A 

Traffic safety is a major priority and the council has taken productive steps to improve safety especially in high volume areas in particular school zones.

Schools including quality and labor relations

Not in the City Council jurisdiction.

Public recreation including parks and recreational programs – B- 

Based on allocated funds the Rec Dept. does a solid job.

What are your three greatest contributions to Rye? 

Volunteering, coaching and enhancing youth activities, in particular Rye Little League and CYO basketball. Improving and adding more field space for youth athletics.

What are the three best reasons to live in Rye?

1. Great place to raise a family.

2. Excellent schools in a safe community.

3. Incredible services and quality of life

Where can we find you on a Saturday morning?

Most Saturday’s in the spring and summer you will find me at one of the baseball diamonds.  During the fall and winter I’m either at a soccer game watching my daughter or watching my sons play hockey or basketball. 

What are your three favorite restaurants in Rye that deliver?

N/A – we enjoy going out to dinner.

What is your favorite restaurant in Rye for a family meal?

That’s a tough one because there are so many good restaurants in town and I like them all.  However, if it’s my wife’s night to pick a spot its Aurora or Rye Grill and Bar.  If my kids choose it’s either Town Dock or Water Moon and if it’s up to me, Frankie and Johnnies or my two favorites the Rye Roadhouse or Kelly’s. 

Where do you live in Rye?

My wife Nancy and our five children live at 46 Gramercy Avenue and have been there for the last 2 years. We have lived in a number of neighborhoods (Glen Oaks Drive, Everett Street, Cloverdale Lane and Eve Lane) since moving back to Rye in 1996 after living in New York City. 

I grew up on Henry St in Rye with my parents and five brothers and sisters and attended Resurrection Grammar School and Rye High School.

How else are you involved in the community?

I am currently President of Rye Little League and have been a board member for the past 4 years.  In addition I am a member of the Church of the Resurrection and I coach CYO basketball. 

Tell us your contact information:

Your phone: 914-967-5701

Your email address: myles.lavelle@verizon.net

Thanks, Myles!


  1. Keeping Rye affordable? Yikes. Thee highest taxes in Westchester and the platform is “keep Rye affordable?” For whom? How about, make Rye affordable again, and invest in infrastructure like, can we get a sidewalk for God’s sake? And, how about that restaurant answer…whew, what a politician! And the grading? B-, A-, A-, A, B-. Sounds like the town’s just fine so far, though for someone so “motivated” maybe straight A+s are the goal. How about infusing some cultural and ethnic diversity programs, especially in the schools? Cross cultural programs with schools in, say, Africa? South America? http://www.sortasingleanddating.com


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