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The End of an Era: Rye Bartender Tim Judge’s Final Call

MyRye.com columnist Pamela Baur tells us about Tim Judge's final call this Friday, January 8th.

Sometimes we choose to leave behind what we’ve known for something greater.

Tim Judge, who we all remember is a classic benchmark Rye Bartender at Rye Grill, is taking a new direction in 2010. Leaving behind his role as a Rye city bartender, a position he’s held since 1992, Tim is recommitting himself to his work beyond the bar and to be with his family.

Friday January 8th will be his last night at the Rye Grill. From thereafter Tim will be fully investing his time in his real estate, online marketing career and his family. As a father of five, Tim certainly has his hands full! 

Tim Judge 

As we enter this New Year, we can look at the trail Timmy is blazing, to leave behind a habit, maybe a lifestyle or even career for something more, something more conducive to having what it is we want in our life and our day to day experience. (Not that we don’t want the Rye Grill as a daily experience, some of us do, and we exercise that by going often – great!)

Like anything, there comes a time to choose what direction we’re all really heading in and we can ask ourselves, is what we’re doing, where we’re working, how we’re spending our time really leading us there?

“Will you miss it?” I asked Tim.

His answer; “Absolutely, there’s nothing like it”.

And certainly, there could be no words to express the fulfillment and appreciation Tim has for his experience with Rye Grill and Bar. After all, it was his job as a bartender many  years ago that led him to meet his wife. 

As we look at all the experiences of our lives in 2009, the jobs, the people, the memories, good and bad, what we can all share in, along with Tim, is the opportunity to ask ourselves, where do go from there as we head into the new year?

Pamela_2_smallPamela Baur has enjoyed living in Rye since 2007. She is an avid yogi, children’s yoga instructor and works for lululemon athletica.



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