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Home Events Flooding Threatens Rye: YMCA Putting Up New Flood Gates

Flooding Threatens Rye: YMCA Putting Up New Flood Gates

The National Weather Service is expecting two inches of rain tonight and up to another two inches of rain tomorrow. They have issued a flood watch for Rye.

It was just three years ago when Rye residents dealt with the floods of 2007 (link includes video) when Rye was declared a FEMA disaster area. If you see bad flooding in Rye, please post this news as a comment below.

In anticipation of the rains, the Rye YMCA is closing at 9pm tonight to install their flood gates in anticipation of the rising Blind Brook just beside their building. The Y issued this statement:

"A flood warning has been issued and an additional 2-3 inches of rain is expected during the overnight hours.  To protect the YMCA facility from flooding, the YMCA will be closing at 9 pm this evening, March 29th, in order to implement our flood mitigation measures.

Due to these measures we will need to delay our opening tomorrow morning, March 30th, until 8am.  The delayed opening will allow us to assess any possible flood damage and properly open the building for use." 


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