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Resurrection School Sets Example with Rye’s First Non-Residential Solar System

Res sunny #3 

Rye's Resurrection Grammar School has raised the green bar by installing the city's first non-residential solar system. The 24.6 kilowatt solar energy system sits on the school's roof and  consists of 123 panels and 3 inverters. It will power over 30 percent of the middle school buildings’ annual electricity needs including all the lights and the computer lab.

Res ribbon cutting #1

(PHOTO: Sunny Solar VIPs celebrate green energy. Not all "clutch & grin" PR pics are taken in basements, but these green groupies – including Rye Deputy Mayor Suzanna Keith – in green, on the right – are standing in front of solar "inverters". The inverters – those silver boxes on the wall – help turn the sun into usable, green power.) 

With an expected production of 27,000 kilowatt hours per year, the system will reduce 49,390 pounds of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to recycling 480,000 cans of soda, planting 2.5 acres and taking 3 cars off the road every year.

Mercury Solar Systems of Port Chester designed and installed the system and helped the school secure a grant from The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA), which financed the majority of the project cost. Mercury Solar helped offset the remaining cost of the system. Jared Haines, President, Mercury Solar Systems, has children attending Resurrection.

The Resurrection project is the 12th solar installation for Mercury in Rye City (all the others are residential systems). You can schedule a no-cost solar evaluation for your home (the current federal and state incentives make these systems very attractive).

“Resurrection is harnessing a higher power and we applaud them for leading the whole City of Rye on becoming a greener and more sustainable place to live,” commented Suzanna Keith, Deputy Mayor, City of Rye.

Mercury Solar Systems is one of the East Coast’s leading solar integrators. The Company designs and installs solar electric and solar thermal energy systems for the commercial and residential marketplace and to date has installed over 1,000 solar systems totaling several million watts of energy.

We'll tell you about the solar energy plans for the MyRye.com House soon.


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