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Home Schools The Rainforest Rap (VIDEO): Ms. Topol's 3rd Grade Osborn Class

The Rainforest Rap (VIDEO): Ms. Topol’s 3rd Grade Osborn Class

Osborn rainforest sign 05-23-2010 009 

(VIDEO BELOW) This past Friday, parents and students were regaled with the "rain forest rap" from Ms. Topol's 3rd grade class at the Osborn School (Rye, NY). Rapping about "all that beauty" the students concluded their study until on the rain forest.

Osborn rainforest Topol class05-23-2010 047 

(PHOTO: Ms. Topol with "3T")

They sang about sloths, monkeys, anteaters, scarlet macaws and other endangered wildlife from the rain forest. A terrific show. Enjoy the video.


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