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NY Times Pans New Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar at Playland

Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar 06-13-2010 098

Much has been made of the new Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar that opened May 1st down at Playland. The New York Times was not impressed. In a review Sunday it rated the talked-about joint as "O.K.", the level just above "Don't Bother".

The new joint, owned by John Ambrose, who also owns Seaside Johnnies on the beach in Rye Town Park, has a sweeping water view at its location by the Playland Pier. Seaside Johnnies also has a reputation for overpriced below average food – but you go for the view.

In the review The Times wrote:

"fun and festive, if a little cheesy…

Yet a restaurant can satisfy in a number of ways, and despite the slightly tatty, honky-tonk feel (it’s right next to Playland Amusement Park, after all), my dining companions and I succumbed to the restaurant’s good intentions and salty charm, in addition to its view…"

The review gave high marks to a number of dishes including the shrimp ceviche, the sea scallops and the New York strip steak. But it also hammered the "bland, expensive ($21) fish and chips", the "flavorless grilled salmon" and the baby back ribs that were called "dry and tough".

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  1. I was at the Tiki Bar before it officially opened.
    I will read the Times review but my first thought is “who goes there for the food?”
    I was transported back to my cheap Bahamas weekends from Go Go tours when I was single and living on East 94th Street.
    The young staff in khakis and polo shirts are refreshingly friendly and polite and the frozen drinks are deliciously silly, over priced and not too strong, so you can enjoy them all evening without paying the price the next day.
    We just ate the coconut shrimp and some other appetizers which were not memorable but the point is, you feel like you’re on vacation.
    I’ve been back twice more.
    I support any new business in Rye (as long as they’re not rude) so I really don’t base my decisions on the NY Times.

    PS our waiter the first night has a boy friend who works at Johnnie’s and when I suggested she run over there and get something which was not on her menu ( I was teasing her) she seriously considered doing it, but “needed to ask her manager” ( how cute is that?). She works with special needs kids and was so genuine and attentive we didn’t notice the food – just the service.


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