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Pamela on Purchase: Soulful Awakenings



this edition of Pamela on Purchase, MyRye.com columnist
Pamela Baur returns from her trip to Cabo and tells us about the undulating sea and the best way to eat grapes.

The heart wants what the heart wants…this was the declaration Rob and Megan shared with us, their friends and family at their Cabo wedding extravaganza! A consistent truth which has been a theme I’ve been writing about they lived out loud this past weekend as they took the plunge into saying “I do”. 


The message was heard clearly with every rolling wave over the rocky Cabo surf. “We were all brought here by something much more powerful and greater than ourselves,” the minister, a friend of theirs, reminded us as we sat on the beach surrounded by the massive and undulating Sea of Cortez. 

The heart wants what the heart wants.


(PHOTO: The Arch of Los Cabos.)

My heart left that wedding and four day experience of love and magic, being all the more clear about the wave I was going to ride. And, in the day following the wedding, I took a boat out against the churning waters to a remote island home of the famous Arch of Los Cabos. After a brief visit to this island (named lover’s beach and divorce beach, depending on what side of the island you were one) the waters had risen to prevent our little glass bottomed boat to return to shore. These powerful waves reminded me, as my heart is on course, at the same time, tides turn, the swells rise and fall on both sides, so as much as I set sail, the waters will continue to truly lead the way.

Back to real life here in New York, my heart wanted some wine with a good friend and found another soulful awakening at Pour Wine Bar in Mt. Kisco.

Dinner there with a best friend always resets the sails of life. And, especially one who is as committed to having me find all the happiness in the world that she has. 

Over wine we enjoyed a cheese plate and had a laugh over our latest revelation together. We both love grapes, not only because they make wine… but because they are so delicious garnishing a dish when out to eat at a restaurant. We were shocked to realize we share this same quirky perspective. Grapes are better out at a restaurant – somehow fresher, juicier. They are just so delightful resting on the side of the plate! A little bunch to pluck from!

Compared to at home, they are this whole bag of grapes, just there, almost too many of them, and if you don’t eat them quickly enough, they just rot and go bad, then who loves grapes anymore?! Not us! It was at that moment I realized, “Nik, I’m being a whole bag of grapes” (in certain areas of my life… guess which area?!)”.

In that moment, my soul was re-awakened again, now back on the east coast it wasn’t the waves of the sea that had me stopped in my tracks, but this conversation over wine. It’s time to just keep remembering, the heart wants what the heart wants and stop turning into a bag of grapes! I much prefer to be a plucked refreshing treat verses a fermenting bag going sour! (although worst case scenario, I’d turn into a great wine… sure to be served at the next wedding!).

Not to worry, I know my heart is stronger than my tendency to go sour, I know this because when I was on that island of nothing but sand and rock looking at the waves tossing the boat around I swam against the towering water back to the boat! And that – as I learned from a fellow wedding go-er that weekend – is what we call “a game-changer.”


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