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Rye 3rd Most Expensive Housing in USA

According to an annual home pricing survey issued by Coldwell Banker, Rye City sports the third most expensive housing in the United States, placing after gold medalist Newport Beach, California and silver medalist Palo Alto, California. Rye placed first as the most expensive housing in New York State. The scoring is based on four-bedroom, two-bathroom home listings.

The average listing price for a home in Rye is $1,325,500. If you want to cash in and move to the nation's most affordable market, head to Detroit, Michigan where the average home listing price is $68,000. You could become a real estate mogul overnight by selling your Rye home and purchasing 19 homes in Detroit with the proceeds.

If you want to stay in New York, the most affordable town is upstate Binghamton where the average home price is $190,533. There you will be a mini-mogul and able to purchase seven homes with the proceeds of your Rye home sale.

Here is the top 10 list:

Rank   Most Expensive      Avg. Listing Price (2/10-8-10)

1     Newport Beach, Calif.     $1,826,348.00     
2     Palo Alto, Calif.     $1,479,227.00       
3     Rye, N.Y.         $1,325,500.00           
4     San Francisco, Calif.     $1,325,103.00           
5     La Jolla, Calif.     $1,210,300.00           
6     Greenwich, Conn.     $1,195,614.00           
7     Wellesley, Mass.     $1,080,458.00           
8     Pasadena, Calif.     $1,043,683.00           
9     Honolulu, Hawaii     $1,026,821.00           
10     Santa Barbara, Calif.     $1,024,661.00


  1. Given these stratospheric nationally ranked valuations why, one might ask, do we have a city property tax assessor who feels free to alter key valuation documents with erasers or White-Out leaving no trace unless you catch them with prior evidence and city attorney’s who submit outright untruths to judges and who obstruct Freedom of Information Requests from taxpayers for publicly owned city documents?

    I’ve learned that “disappeared” documents generally seem to have a way of returning on a timely basis to impeach lies.

    So with our new property value ranking is this kind of municipal practice considered “affordable” or just “pragmatic?” The more I look, the more I believe we’re directly on the track to being Greenburgh – local losers of a recent huge multi million dollar federal judgment including sanctions caused by failed tricks just like these. Their lawyers gave them some pretty awful advice also.


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