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Home History Rye Town's 350th: Storytelling About Mt. Rushmore, Sunday, 4pm

Rye Town’s 350th: Storytelling About Mt. Rushmore, Sunday, 4pm


(PHOTO:  Bianco right under nostril on Jefferson’s lip. Source: luigimountrushmore.com)

Unless you live in Harrison, you know this year has been one long birthday party–Rye's 350th.

This Sunday, September 26th, the Rye Town 350 Committee is sponsoring a free, three-part series entitled: "HisStory," featuring professional storytellers Lou Del Bianco, Jonathan Kruk and Doug Carey.

At this first event this Sunday from 4:00pm – 5:00pm at the Posillipo Center in Port Chester (32 Garibaldi Place), Lou Del Bianco will portray his grandfather, Luigi Del Bianco, an Italian immigrant, who moved to Port Chester in 1920, lived at 68 Grant Street, and became -in 1933 – the “Chief Carver” of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.


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