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Buzi Oppencohen Race One of Three Undecided – State Senate Control Hangs in Balance

The Suzi Oppenheimer – Bob Cohen race could be undecided until January, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal:

"Last week's election left Republicans in control of at least 30 seats next year and Democrats with 29 seats. Depending on the final outcomes of those races, either party could wind up controlling the 62-seat chamber next year or they could be splitting power.

The ultimate makeup of the Senate may not be known for months, or even by Mr. Cuomo's first month into the job, leaving the chamber in a state of limbo and complicating the next governor's ability to get a head start with budget negotiations and other priorities….

The two parties are also contesting the results of a race in Westchester, between Democrat Suzi Oppenheimer and Republican Bob Cohen.

While it's unlikely that the election disputes will carry into early spring and approach the April 1 deadline for passage of Mr. Cuomo's first state budget, they could easily spill into January."

Currently Oppenheimer leads Cohen by about 500 votes. If your not sure if your vote counts, it does.


  1. It won’t matter who wins this race . NY has lived off ‘stimulus’ from Pelosi/Obama in 2009 and this year to avoid the massive head count reductions and salary slashing neede to be sustainable . Now with idiot Palidino handing the election to Cuomo who got 100% union support , NY is going to implode financially ( along with CA and a few other bankrupt states ) .

    Boehner and the GOP will laugh as they cut off bailouts to 100% liberal controlled NY and CA .

  2. Divman I just saw that argument made yesterday in the national press. Here you go –
    “The unions are about to fall prey to what Margaret Thatcher identified as the terminal drawback of socialism – that eventually one runs out of other people’s money!”



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