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Coyote Shooting Details from Rye PD

MyRye.com caught up with Rye PD Commish Connors for details on the coyote shot Friday night:

"Officers responded to a coyote sighting in backyards on Locust Avenue . One officer parked on North Street and walked toward an open grassy area opposite the cemetery, in the vicinity of 245 North Street . He states that he observed a coyote about 25 feet away walking from right to left. It then began to walk toward him, despite the fact that the officer was making noise and trying to cause it to run away. Based on that behavior, in light of prior incidents, the officer fired two shots at the animal, killing it. Although the animal did not attack the officer, the fact that it began to walk in his direction displayed a lack of fear of human contact not reflective of normal coyote behavior."


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