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LoHud’s Reisman on Oppenheimer: “Munchkin” with “Resilience of The Terminator”

With the 37th State senate district still undecided between incumbent Suzi Oppenheimer and challenger Bob Cohen, LoHud.com's columnist Phil Reisman penned a bombastic column on the race this Sunday.

In the first four paragraphs Reisman manages to compare Oppenheimer to a munchkin and The Terminator, refer to her as cute and perky and report she is "no cream puff".

Reisman then gets serious and recounts the history of the district, including the circumstances of Oppenheimer's ascendancy in 1984 after the then current seat holder was shipped off to the federal pen. He recounts Republican gerrymandering and the list of misfits and losers who have run against Oppenheimer with no Republican party support.

Two years ago Oppenheimer had a real challenge from Liz Feld, the mayor of Larchmont. This year, the jury is still out in a neck and neck race with Scarsdale resident and New York City landlord Bob Cohen.

Reisman's piece is a recommended read on the history of the 37th.

As far as when the current race gets decided, Bob Cohen's press man Josh Hill reported Friday "There are still two election districts that have not reported machine results.  In addition to that, there are about 7,000 paper ballots that will need to be counted.  So, a final determination may take quite a while." And Oppenheimer's press man Tony Kelso if off pay roll and referred us to other agents who have yet to respond to our inquiries.

"My role with the Oppenheimer campaign has almost come to an end. Your best bet if you want information on the election is to contact either Errol Cockfield or Austin Shafran with the DSCC," said Kelso.


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