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Home Current Affairs John Philip Sousa at the Rye Presbyterian Church

John Philip Sousa at the Rye Presbyterian Church


Well, it was 20 years ago. But it is finally out on CD.


John Philip Souza, known as the March King for his patriotic marches, has a CD out recorded in our fair city. You can buy "American Classics: Sousa The Great American Main Street Band/Timothy Foley" at Amazon.

The recording is reviewed on the site Classical Candor and says in part:

"Recorded in 1990 at the Rye Presbyterian Church, Rye, New York, the sound is excellent, clear without being bright, aggressive, or edgy. In fact, it's one of the best-recorded collections of Sousa music I've heard. There are wide frequency and dynamic ranges involved, with gleaming brass and a good, solid thump on the bass drum."


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