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Take That: Digitize Rye Legal Notices and Save $16,385.17

MyRye.com just found as easy one. A non-partisan, money-saving no brainer. Let's see if we can make it happen. We'll need our readers voices with local and maybe state officials. Speak up and leave a comment below and we can save $16,385.17 each year.

We told you about our recommendation to digitize Rye City legal notices.

There are a bunch of city and state rules that need to be changed (ahem – Mayor French and Assemblyman Latimer – we have an easy win for each of you) before the city can actually stop flushing (er, spending) this money to run ads in print newspapers (the official law of the land).

So we took the suggestion of Rye City Councilman Joe Sack. MyRye.com will start to post these notices now, before the rules are changed, at no cost to Rye City. See the first legal notice that has been digitized under our new heading Rye City – Legal Notices on the left side column of this we site.

Here is the deal:

  • The city is required to post these notices in a newspaper with paid circulation (see our earlier story of how this is a completely absurd anachronism that wastes our money without even achieving the desired intent).
  • $16,385.17. Last year Rye City (that's you and me) paid the Journal News newspaper $16,385.17 to place legal notice ads – those micro-type ads buried in the paper that no one reads. That's a buck from every man, woman and child in Rye. In 2009, the city spent $11,497.77. This does not include the time cost of city employees.
  • The city places 60 of these ads each year – that's $273/ad: Board of Appeals Meetings (12); Telecommunications Noticing (2); Local Law changes (10);Bids and Contracts (12); Public Hearings (24) and City Bonding (2).    
  • MyRye.com will work with the city manager's office and the city clerk to place these on MyRye.com for your enjoyment at no cost.

We just took a small but important step forward. Let's make it happen.


  1. I guess there is some good news to come out of this Jay. Perhaps French could have Corporation Counsel Wilson and her law firm Harris Beach look into your proposed savings. Maybe they can even enlist her mentor Kevin Plunkett. With any luck they will spend perhaps $100,000 in legal fees to look into this. Then it will only take your proposal six years to break even.

    Welcome to City of Rye government. Home of the gave. Land of the fee.

  2. To Joe Sack

    Hey Mr Sack, You have used this site to update the residents of Rye about local government issues, much appreciated. The last question I had for you regarded the Central Avenue bridge, which you promptly addressed. What I want to know now involves more details on the money you said Rye is waiting for. Who are we asking for the money? When did we ask for it? When should we expect to get the money? Is there any chance we won’t get the money? When was the last time we checked on how that process is coming along? Maybe at each council meeting you could give a detailed update on the progress. The check is in the mail attitude is starting to weigh on the residents patience. Thank you…

  3. Focus,
    You really need to pay more attention to Council Meetings!

    This was just updated more than once!

    Other than Mr.Pickup wrongly filing the paperwork the delay is all on the other end…I believe it is Federal Dollars we are waiting for!

  4. “above average citizen”

    Sorry I missed the updates, maybe you could fill me in…I have read many times, from your post, that Pickup made mistakes, so that was not helpful. Since you pay such close attention to these meetings, as I do not, could you enlighten me to what the time frame seems to be. That would be great!! I visit this site because I don’t pay attention to the council meeting and hope to learn here about what has happened. Also AAC, I was having some trouble filling in the blanks from you last post. Could you help me with that since Im new here?? Thanks for your help and keep up the good work with the meeting monitoring!!!

  5. Focus,

    LOL! They really can’t put a time frame on something they have no control of, but we are getting closer being it’s been years!

    As for “filling in the blanks”, that was meant to answer ryemom’s question as to how Mr.Ambrose always seems to win the bids.
    Lets see….Bidder(Ambrose) is good friends with Astorino, this gives him the inside track!
    Now, do I really need to elaborate on this or can you handle filling in the blanks from here?

  6. AAC

    WOW!!! Those are serious allegations. Once again I am ignorant to these activities, but I want to take advantage of your vast knowledge. How many other bids were there? Who were the people that John was bidding against? Have the people who lost the bids cried foul? Did John participate in illegal activities at his previous establishment, The Crab Shanty? Just trying to catch up and you seem to have the answers. Please share.


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