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Monday, August 8, 2022

Candy Rox Design, Explained

A recent story on dexigner.com explains the interior design of Candy Rox, the new-ish Pusrchase Street after school candy destination. The place is sure to keep dentists happily employed:

"d-ash design has completed the first outlet for sweets-retailer Candy Rox in the town of Rye, New York. The cutting-edge confectioners offer customers an entirely new retail experience, combining design features of an old-fashioned Main Street candy store with contemporary themes borrowed from skateboard and surf culture, and rock music…

David Ashen, President of d-ash design, and his team were responsible for the interior design. The overall brand strategy and graphic design was developed by Jan MacLatchie (NYC). The team, brought together by Candy Rox owners Trish Frohman and Valerie Stone, developed the prototype store for the new candy retailer. The first Candy Rox-a 1300-square-foot location in downtown Rye-recasts the traditional candy store as a hip destination for kids of all ages, selling everything from costume jewelry and framed rock-band posters to retro candies and headphones."


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