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Stop Blowing in Rye on May 1st

The city government wants to remind you to stop blowing on May 1st.

On May 9, 2008 the Rye City Council instituted a seasonal ban on leaf blowers, banning the use the the noisy smog spewing backpacks from May 1st until September 30th.

The ban applies to all residents except those living in the "R-1" residence district – essentially those with huge honking properties by Apawamis, Milton Road and down by the water in the area of Grace Church, Manursing and Stuyvesant. Non-residential entities – municipal properties, schools, religious institutions, membership clubs, golf courses, hospital, retirement communities, cemeteries are also exempt.

Everyone else breathe deep and grab a rake.

  1. I am still baffled as to why certain properties, residential or otherwise, are exempt from this law!

    Wasn’t this law brought forward and passed on the belief that leaf blowing machines are not only bad for our environment but also hazardous to our health as well as a noise issue?

    Either it is bad for us or it is not….WHICH IS IT?

    Talk about BIAS and PREJUDICE!!!

    A self serving law that should be abolished or applied to EVERYONE!

  2. I agree with Jim (Amico). Leaf blowers should be either “on” or “off” for all. The lakes in the Adirondack Park have a similar noise law pertaining to jet skis. Can’t use ’em before 8 or after 4 any day. No one’s exempt and the Sheriff on the lake(s) chases violators down; sends ’em to their trailers.


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