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What’s That Smell? It’s Your Summer Job…

Mr floatie lifeguard

What’s your summer dream job? Beach lifeguard? Bat boy at Yankee Stadium? Mr. Met?

How about an 8-foot replica of a human turd?

He’s BAAAAACK… and he… could be you… It’s the smelliest chance of a lifetime… Mr. Floatie, the tall, dark and smelly Rye provocateur, is coming back.

Ray Tartaglione, successful tow truck firm operator, Hen Island resident and Heal the Harbor agitator, is looking for one proud soul to wear the costume of Mr. Floatie. "Mayor French and the City Council are giving lip service to me and everyone else in Rye that is concerned with the Sewage, potable water and mosquito infestations violations on Hen Island," Tartaglione told MyRye.com. I will "send you a few pictures of the new even more improved Floatiemobile draped with our new, Mayor Doug French ad campaign titled "Some People Don't Care Where They Dump Their Sewage"."

No word yet on what this shi**y job pays, but here is the listing from Craigslist:

"We’re looking for two upbeat and outgoing people to represent HEALtheHARBOR.com. One willing to wear a mascot costume (Mr. Floatie) and one to escort the same. Vehicle and fuel included.

Your job: meeting new people, handing out some facts, educate local residents and shoppers about a Mayor and City Council that avoids enforcing local environmental and health codes and laws.

Where and When: Downtown Rye and at City Hall. Every other Wednesday 6PM-11PM. Summer Hours, (June July and August) once per month. Every Sunday, 11AM-7PM some Saturdays and other occasional events.

You must be at least 21, have a clean license, an open mind, be able to discuss sewage and health related issues and not get embarrassed or intimidated easily. Will train, salary commensurate with experience and ability."


  1. Hey Ray how about this one? A certified perk test conducted by a New York State licensed hydrological company. Look at the last page under conclusions. Not only is Hen Island polluting the Sound, they are also polluting the groundwater in the aquifer.


    And they say I am the Jack-ass????

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie’s ass-istant)

  2. Newspaper business model changes necessitated by the digital revolution today include a much bigger public watchdog component. Locally, The Journal News has been executing on this pretty well for several years. Nationally however, this kind of thing was rare. Until today.

    The Wall Street Journal launches “SafeHouse.”

    A secure, publisher owned, site for submission of tips, information and data.


    As you all know, Rye is nationally ranked in taxes as is Westchester County. Yet Rye is also home to Westchester County’s last fully legal and fully operational outhouses despite literally years of public exposure and pressure. I think the people who select and write the daily so called “a-hed” story on the front page might find that an interesting and ironic subject…..

  3. did everybody see the ray mobile in front of ruby’s. i thought it was especially touching to have the car with the picture of each of the city council members sitting on the crapper in full view of all those mother’s day brunchers. Had to dab the tears.

    besides who seriously gives a sh*t about what he does to the city anyway, right?


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