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Rye PD Gives a Hoot & Rescues Owl

In the movie Godfather, the famous line is "leave the gun, take the cannoli".

With the Rye PD, it should be "shoot the coyote, save the owl".


(PHOTO: On Friday, this baby owl was rescued by Rye PD.)

In case you think the Rye PD is all about fire power (dispatching deer hit by cars and chasing down coyotes with live ammo or paint balls), these guys and gals are really nature lovers. And they proved it on Friday.

Rye PD were called on for an animal rescue early this past Friday morning, May 6th. Squad 3 Sergeant Mike Larkin and Officer Dave Casale picked up a baby owl in the area of the Rye High School. The owl was brought to the Pace University Animal Rehab Center for care. The preliminary outlook for the baby owl is good, according the Rye PD.


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