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Long Board, Big Problem?

Should long boards be sacked?


(PHOTO: The menacing long boards…)

At a recent city council meeting, Councilman Joe Sack expressed concern about Rye's "skateboard problem" cause by the popular long boards. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

"Councilman Sack noted that there was a skateboard problem in town and asked if the Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Committee or the Shared Roadways Committee could consider the problem and think about the best way to communicate with the children who are putting themselves in jeopardy in order to make everyone safer. City Manager Pickup said the problem is caused by the use of long boards which do not lend themselves to the traditional skateboard venues and he has been working with the Recreation and Police Departments to find creative ways to address the problem, which may have to be addressed with their parents."

  1. Instead of not allowing it why don’t we teach the kids good safety about being on the road. The roads are meant to be “shared.” The kids are actually outside and getting exercise! How bad is that??! Let’s help them instead of taking their fun away.

  2. Mr. Sack seems to have an issue with recreation of any kind that might pose the most remote of risks. A rational analysis would suggest that we do anything reasonably possible to encourage our children to exercise outdoors. The conversation should be how to encourage … not how to outlaw or punish. He has taken the same negative approach to the proposal to open Rye Town Park for off-leash dog walking between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. But you can always count on him to support his pals in the real estate law business.

  3. Nothing wrong with long boards. The issue is the way they are mis-used by some. Specifically, riding in traffic without appropriate safety gear, without consideration for traffic laws, en-mass against traffic after dark (old post road), etc. This is not a universal problem, but one with sufficient occurrences that some sort of action is required. The ideal answer would be for parents to take their children appropriately in hand. Some do, but many have no clue what’s going on.

  4. OK, so myrye must be a little hurting for content if it is picking thru the miscellaneous section of the city council minutes for material. Kidding aside, I’m glad the issue has gotten a bigger response here than it actually did at the council meeting. I do believe the issue is not whether, but how, and clearly safety and education are the key. Maybe there is a way to convey that in the schools with the help of the PD, but parents need to play a role for sure. I know that some parents actually drop off their kids on choice streets. More than a few observed and reported near misses and less than perfect behavior mean many kids need a little primer on being careful and respecting neighbors. Too bad the skate park has already become obsolete. Anyway, I think a community meeting on this topic would help, and I’ll try to put one together. Please let me know if you’d like to truly help here.

    Joe Sack

    P.S. To me.yahoo — chill out a little, and if you want to stay anonymous you shouldn’t tip your hand so much.

  5. For me this is kind of ironic because I read this and said wow I didn’t know there was a problem and haven’t seen that many kids on long boards. Then I am pulling out of my street and 2 kids are coming down Forest Ave in the middle of the street holding up traffic on long boards. Is the skate park really not being used anymore?

    And as for the Rye Town Park I am glad they are cutting down on dogs off a leash and frankly dogs should be on a leash 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When you walk through the park the dog owners think they own the place and look at you the park user like you are wrong. And in addition dog owners have actually said this is a dog park. Last I checked its not. Mr Sack you have my vote

  6. Councilman Sack,
    I couldn’t agree more! It won’t be long before one of these kids is injured or worse!!! Midland Ave. seems to be a constant for this. Other than the personal dangers it presents I don’t have a problem with it.

    As you know I am currently in a back n forth battle w/City Staff on how the roads were left last night after being milled.

    No warning signals, no signs, nothing what so ever to warn drivers and all users of the road condition.

    Scott Pickup says….it’s not required!

    Maybe he will retract that after one of our longboarders is seriously injured!!!!

  7. Another thing — It has been correctly pointed out to me what a great resource the skate park is, and the attention to the recent long boarding phenomenon in no way diminishes the skate park, or detracts from the great work of all who labored to establish the park. Let’s figure out a way that not only promotes the skate park but also reinforces lessons on safety for all types of boarders.


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