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Jason Bateman, a Rye, Wry Man


You might know his sister Justine from her Family Ties days better but The New York Times just carried a piece on Jason Bateman, who along with is sister grew up in Rye:

"He was born in Rye, N.Y., the son of a Pan-Am flight attendant and a freelance writer-producer-director who eventually moved the family to Los Angeles for his work. A class clown in elementary school, Mr. Bateman was expelled in fifth grade for repeatedly cracking wise during lessons. He said his disruptions were the beginnings of his comedic streak. “You’ve got an audience there that’s stuck,” he recalled of the classroom. “It’s easy pickings.”…

He liked the craft of acting, but the perks didn’t hurt, either. He’d get out of school early and skateboard to auditions, clutching his résumé and head shots. Toward the end of high school — which he never completed, as it conflicted with shooting “Teen Wolf Too” — he gave house parties and began “drinking and doing blow,” twin vices he nursed into his early 30s. “I started having a ton of fun, trying to catch up for having worked so hard,” he explained. “And it was great.”"

Did you know Bateman when he grew up in Rye? Leave a comment below and tell us!


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