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VIDEO: Rye Playland Fireworks 2011

Lucy Yang from WABC-TV came out to see the early version (Sunday, July 3, 2011) of July 4th fireworks at Rye Playland. Happy Independence Day!

Here is the video:

  1. Playland fireworks a dud on July 4:
    Not only did the show start about 15 minutes late but after just a few fireworks, the show stopped. Even worse, Playland didn’t provide any explanation over the PA system.
    The fireworks started again around 10:30, but by then most people had gone home.

  2. I heard it was technical problems. Overall it was a huge FAILURE!!! And if the county needed to add to its problems of attendance that was it. The one day a year you draw people and this happens. I have to say compared to past 4th of julys this actually seemed like less people.


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