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Rye Meeting House at Sunset

Meeting house sunset

Thanks to MyRye.com reader Ted Carroll who sent along the above picture of the Rye Meeting House at sunset and a corresponding report on the event held there on Saturday:

"It was a very nice event, well attended by a mix of volunteers, citizens, and politicians. There were speeches by many and at the end of the proceedings the organizers auctioned off the privilege of ringing of the bell for the first time in over 40 years. The bidding went up to $425 and the winner was – HealTheHarbor.com – who's director Ray Tartaglione asked Mr. David Barton of Oakland Beach Avenue – the son of The Meeting House's last private owner (Mrs. Amy Barton) and the last person to ring the bell four decades ago – to be the first ringer of the bell in this new century. Mr. Barton happily obliged and for several minutes the bell rang out, remarkably strong, clean in tone and it's sound carried throughout the neighborhood to the applause of all."

  1. Thank you for this story. We are blessed with such strong citizen involvement here in Rye. The Meeting House is a tribute to those who worked to preserve it. That was a gracious gesture on the part of Mr. Tartaglione as well.
    The sunsets have been especially gorgeous recently, haven’t they?


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