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Rafael Elias-Linero Concession Letter

The following letter is from city council candidate Rafael Elias-Linero:

November 29, 2011

To the Editor:
From: Rafael Elias-Linero

I wish to congratulate Council-member Catherine Parker for her victory in the recent elections for Rye City Council. I wish her: my neighbor, Council-member, and friend, the very best and am sure that she will continue to do a great job for another four years in the company of the other two victorious members of the Council, my ticket-mates and great friends, the Best for Rye Laura Brett and Joe Sack.

At the same time, I want to thank my Party, my teammates, and very especially the Citizens of our great City. The fact that the election was so hard-fought and the results were so tight is a reflection of the commitment and involvement that the people of Rye showed in this election cycle. Whether you supported Catherine or me, what really matters is that you exercised your right to express your voice, and it was heard.

I cannot say that I am sad with the outcome because on balance, I too am a winner.

I won by getting to meet so many extraordinary people and making so many wonderful friends; I won by getting to know my City better and realizing that Rye is more than just “a great place to live”. It is in fact magnificent and mostly because of its people.

I won by competing with responsible, committed, and selfless opponents like Catherine, Josh and Paula and learning from their views; I won by having had the privilege to hear the concerns of my neighbors in Rye and to share their optimism for the future.

I won by having the fortune to spend some time with our Seniors and carry some of their wisdom with me;  I won by sharing some time with the many families raising their kids in the same community I raised mine knowing that by living here they will also have a world of opportunity waiting for them.

I won by receiving so much from all of you.

Running for Rye City Council was a wonderful experience that gave me much.

And I can’t thank you all enough.

My best wishes go out to Catherine and my respect to Josh and Paula.

My heartfelt thanks to my wife and children, to Laura, Joe, Tony, Peter Lane, Matt, Suzanna, Kristina, Lori; and to all those who supported me and helped me and that know are in my thoughts and in my heart.

Thank you to all the citizens of Rye.




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