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Friday, March 24, 2023
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NYSE, Nasdaq – now The Wig Exchange

The Big C is a real bitch.

But thanks to a few Rye residents, cancer and chemo will be a bit more tolerable and dignified.

Sole Ryeders & Friends, a Rye non-profit best known for its Avon breast cancer walks, has launched The Wig Exchange, a new network to provide women undergoing chemotherapy with access to professionally cared-for wigs donated by cancer survivors and program partners. The Wig Exchange will be managed by Rye residents Sandy Samberg and Kate and Paul Conn.

With over 60 wigs in its initial inventory, The Wig Exchange manages every step of the process: seeking wig donations from cancer survivors, working with service partners to have wigs professionally cleaned and reconditioned, and subject to inventory, finding the right wig for a cancer patient.

“Having been there, I understand the power of community support,” said Kate Conn, Program  Coordinator and cancer survivor.  “It is our goal to provide a sensitive, caring and confidential environment for newly diagnosed women not only to provide a quality wig that will lift their spirits but also to help them by sharing connections, practical advice and personal insights.  The exchange can help alleviate some of the emotional and financial stresses that often occur during treatment.” 

The Wig Exchange’s first client, Camille Bova who is still undergoing chemotherapy said “I truly appreciate The Wig Exchange’s enthusiasm in helping me find a wig on such short notice.  Their interest, concern and willingness to help women with cancer look better and feel better about themselves is wonderful."

The Wig Exchange currently serves the Westchester, NY area, with a goal of extending to other communities in the near future.


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