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Home Current Affairs Rye School Lockdown Over - 2:30pm

Rye School Lockdown Over – 2:30pm

The lockdown at Rye Schools is over:

From Rye Schools:


Dear Parents,

The Rye Police Department has informed the District that they are ending the lockdown at Midland School, Rye Middle School, and Rye High School. Student pick up will be at regular time.

From Rye PD:

Alert: Search concluded at this time. Subject believed to be out of the area. However, extract patrols of the area will continue.

The search has been concluded at this time. The subject is believed to have left the area and there is no cause for alarm. However, extra patrols will remain in place for several hours. If you observe suspicious activity, please call the police.

  1. E-mail broadcast from Police Department as of 8:19pm 6 March 2012
    Advisory Message: Followup to earlier messages: suspect has been apprehended and in custody of State Police. We thank the public for your assistance.


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