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Amico gets His STOP Sign, For Now

Jim Amico is going to get his STOP sign, at least for now.

Amico Stop Sign Coming

Rye Police issued an advisory that the signs will be installed Monday: "On Monday, May 21, 2012, weather permitting, stop signs will be installed on Midland Avenue at the intersection with Palisade Road. Please be aware of this change in the traffic pattern, and continue to use caution while driving in that area. Thank you"

The signs are part of a pilot project and may become permanent. In a note to Amico, Rye city Manager Scott Pickup said "As you are well aware, this is a pilot project, and will be tested for impacts on speeds exiting the intersection and entering the school zone and for any traffic accidents.  After the initial 8-12 week evaluation (which will include 2 speed studies with school in and out), a report on the changes will be sent to the Council with a recommendation before any permanent installation."

Amico's son Jarrid was struck and killed by a car on Midland Avenue in 2006. Amico has been an outspoken advocate for pedestrian safety and the installation of stop signs at this location since then.

  1. Very nice story Jay.

    Jimmy and his neighbors have worked ceaselessly for what could and should have taken 18 months max (according to excellent county gov sources). Maggie and Jimmy have always been all about the children and stopping reckless speeders who remain stubbornly oblivious to flashing radar signs and unrequested expensive neighborhood sidewalk “bump outs.”

    More excellent coverage is here –


    And here –



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