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Rye Middle School Fields Bullying Survey

In the wake of the recent hazing incident, the Rye Middle School is fielding a "Respect and Responsibility School Culture Survey" for students and parents (among others) to complete. The school is seeking to create a baseline to measure the impact of various programs they will run this fall in the wake of the New York State "Dignity for all Students Act" which becomes law in July.

The 29 question survey asks about dignity, respect, bullying and cyber-bullying. The last question asks: "What else do you think the school should know about bullying at our school? For example, where does it happen? When? Who is doing the bullying? Who are the victims?"

Here is the email and survey link:

"Dear RMS Parent,

Today, all RMS students were given time after their exam to complete the Respect and Responsibility School School Culture Survey. The response rate was very high. We now need you to do your part. So far we have only received 100 responses from parents. So please click on the link below and complete the survey today and then take a moment to talk to your children about both your responses.

Thank you,



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