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Fight iNVASIVE Plants with iPhones, Tuesday 1pm

Earth phoneYour smart phone wants you to fight – fight a looming threat to biological diversity

According to Harvard biologist E O Wilson, invasive species are the second greatest threat to biological diversity after habitat loss. Their impacts are exponential worldwide and many contribute to the spread of Lyme disease. Learn how to map and identify these threats to our native flora and flora in your gardens and our parks.

Join NYDEC and the Nature Conservancy for a workshop at Rye's Jay Heritage Center to train volunteers using your smartphone to help map these intruders that are prevalent throughout Westchester County. iMapInvasives is an online GPS gridding tool that supports efforts to protect New York State from invasive species. Learn about the program and become trained to contribute data by attending an iMapInvasives training session hosted at the 1907 Van Norden Carriage House on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 from 1 – 4pm. 

All interested groups, from land managers to the general public, are encouraged to help keep the NYS map up-to-date and accurate by reporting invasive species locations. Training is required to enter data. High school students and environmental clubs may be especially interested in participating with their teachers or advisors.

Please Note: Pre-registration is required.

  1. And here’s another resource – especially for local tidal marsh preservationists battling the invasive phragmite (common reed) in Rye:

    Hudsonia Ltd – http://hudsonia.org/programs/invasive-species/

    Dr. Eric Kiviat there is not only a recognized worldwide expert on the subject, but is also genuinely nice and not above helping explain remediation techniques to regular folks.


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