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Home Current Affairs Green Waste: Sandy Rules End November 20, 2012

Green Waste: Sandy Rules End November 20, 2012

From Rye City RE: Green Waste

The Department of Public Works will extend its storm debris cleanup program through and including November 20th.  Collection will be done on all accessible streets throughout the City – both public and private.  Material collected will include all brush, branches, and cut logs from trees felled during Hurricane Sandy.  Leaves in brown paper bags will be collected as well.  Everything must be brought to the curb.

Once greenwaste has been cleared from a street under this program, normal greenwaste guidelines will again apply.  Normal regulations include brush piles being cut and tied no longer than four feet in length with branches no thicker than four inches in diameter.

This Saturday, November 10th, there will be a special collection of bagged leaves only.

We extend our thanks to our residents for their patience and cooperation throughout this very difficult time.


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