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Let the Sun Shine on These RMS 8th Graders

Are you an expert in solar photovoltaics? How about alternative energy financing? Some 8th graders at Rye Middle School need your help. They are looking to let the sun shine – and the energy flow – at school.

We suggest these green advocates contact some of the folks that helped install solar (and geothermal and other good green things) on the MyRye.com house: Judy Martin of Green Home Consulting (a local Rye business) and Real Goods Solar (formerly Alteris).

Here are details on the solar project:

Attention Parents:

Rye Middle School 8th Graders Investigating Solar Power for the New Science Addition and are Seeking Your Advice and Support

R.M.S. A.L.I.V.E. students Paul Belanger, Connor Appleyard, Robbie Sims, and Jonathan Berte, and Thomas Beechey have not given up on the prospect of installing alternative energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines on the new high school science addition. Our goal is to get part of the school to run on alternative energy.

We would like to ask if there are any with professions that involve solar panel installation on the P.O. council and parent community. The students have looked into the solar companies Mercury Solar and Sound Solar Systems. We are trying to supplement the technology and computer rooms with this alternative energy, in addition to the science expansion being added to the high school. If all works out, we would like to see if they can expand it to the entire high school and middle school. These solar panels will cut electricity bills and should eventually pay for themselves. Now is the time for this initiative. New construction is the easiest time to install alternative energy sources. While such a huge improvement to the school will be quite expensive, it is well worth it for the money we will save on energy. Solar energy lessens the need for fossil fuels which, when burned, release greenhouse gasses that speed up global climate change. Just a few solar panels will cut the school's carbon footprint and make it greener.

If there are any people with the desire, interest, and/or expertise to help with this quest, please contact the students of RMS Alive at borcherj@ryeschools.org.


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