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Rye PD Security Drill in Schools

Lots of security work in the wake of Newtown. Rye PD will be conducting a security drill in the schools Monday (MLK Day) and Osborn has added ta security guard:

School District email Friday

"Dear Parents,

The Rye Police Department will be conducting emergency management maneuvers in our schools. Drills will occur when schools are not in session. Please be advised that a drill will be conducted at Rye High School on Monday, January 21, when schools are closed in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day."

Osborn email Thursday:

"I hope you will join me in welcoming Mr. Jim Fleming, the new Osborn security guard.  Jim is a retired police officer, who served for 20 years in Bronxville, NY.  After he retired from the police department he worked as a security supervisor in Elmsford, NY.  The committee who interviewed Jim felt he was best suited for the position because of his passion for working with children and his knowledge of security practices as they relate to an elementary school.  He came across as a warm and kind man who understands the importance of clear procedures and consistent practices.  While working at Osborn, Jim will often be found at the front desk, but will periodically travel throughout the inside and outside of the building and help supervise dismissal."


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