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Sack: Dapolite, Truth and Justice

A guest column by Rye City Councilman Joe Sack:

Dapolite, Truth and Justice

By Joe Sack

At last night’s city council meeting, I was surprised and dismayed that one of my colleagues attacked the character and integrity of Andrew Dapolite, a life-long 23-year-old Rye resident, because the attack was part of a prepared statement which was purportedly against personal attacks, because the attack was inconsistent with my own experience with Mr. Dapolite as a truthful and upstanding person, and because the attack pertained to a set of circumstances which a majority of the city council – including my colleague in question – had heretofore repeatedly declined to investigate.

However, upon reflection I must thank my colleague for resurrecting this matter, which had been abandoned last summer, albeit without a satisfactory conclusion, in that a lot has transpired since then.  Namely, other allegations of misdealing at Rye Golf Club have now also surfaced, and the city council has at last demonstrated a will to exercise its right to investigate such allegations.  As such, this matter can now be viewed in a new context.  The time may finally be right to require the relevant parties to answer these allegations.   Better late than never.

By way of reminder, last February, Mr. Dapolite made very detailed and credible allegations, including in sum and substance, that a January 2012 city council meeting which the city manager had told the city council and general public had not been videotaped, had indeed been videotaped; that Mr. Dapolite had been instructed by city staff to tell the public that the meeting had not been videotaped, even though it had been; and – when the city finally acknowledged that the meeting had actually been videotaped – that the audio on the previously concealed videotape had later been purposefully altered to make it difficult to hear.

Subsequently, Mr. Dapolite made a further allegation that the city manager had retaliated against him for bringing attention to these facts, by taking adverse employment action against him which was unfounded.

Instead of investigating these allegations, the council majority decided to refer the matter to the city ethics board.  The ethics board did not do an investigation, beyond speaking with Mr. Dapolite behind closed doors, which he did openly and freely even though his lawyer was barred from the room.  The ethics board did not speak with the city manager, any other city staff, or any other potential witnesses, and did not review any documents.  The ethics board never made any substantive findings or ruling.

Sadly, Mr. Dapolite subsequently left his job with the city, apparently in large part because of frustration that the city council had failed to investigate and act on his allegations.  Nevertheless, Mr. Dapolite voluntarily released his legal claims against the city, although he could have pursued drawn out litigation with potential exposure to the city.

At the time, I commented that Mr. Dapolite’s allegations touched upon basic truthfulness and fair dealing, and that they demanded our attention.  I called for accountability and integrity, and warned that we should not just sweep this alleged serious misconduct under the rug.  Nothing happened.

But that was then.  This is now.  It’s a whole new world.  This matter has been put back in public view, by virtue of my colleague’s comments last night.  Let’s not miss this second chance to get it right.

Joseph A. Sack, Esq.

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  1. Petulant Child,

    You sound like someone I know. Here’s your solution — swear everyone in under oath, have them tell their stories under penalties of perjury. We’ll make sure you get your chance. Here’s a good question that will be asked — have you ever blogged under an anonymous name?

    Joe Sack

  2. Keep pushing Joe, you have solid support in the public and in the ranks. Especially in light of the Rye Golf Club revelations, the Dapolite matter should be heard once and for all. He was born and raised here, he deserves a fair hearing. Let the chips fall where they may.

  3. Well said Joe. Let me just add two helpful links for readers here –

    First – here is the city video link to Mr. Filippi’s 11+ minute “statement” –


    (The time code sections are 03:58 thru 15:50.)

    Second – here is a link to some general legal definitions and a certain recent local Federal Court decision. If, as some on the high bench have demonstrated, words no longer have meaning in Rye governmental affairs, please consider these to be simple historical memory refreshers –


  4. Joe,

    Let’s just say your false equivalence of the Dapolite issue and the Rye Golf Club issue is troubling while showing your incompetence while your absence from the Flotie Mobile is even more troubling.

  5. Jim Amico writes:

    “AND SOMEHOW MR. SCOTT PICKUP IS STILL EMPLOYED HERE IN RYE???????????????????????????????


    You just can’t help giving away the end game. Is everything you and Joe Sack do about getting rid of Scott Pickup??? Admit it, it’s all about getting rid of Scott Pickup who presents an obstacle to Mr. Flotie’s agenda. Right??? Even Laus Deo was started to accomplish that. If we get rid of Scott Pickup we could bring in another City Manager who just might classify Hen Island as permanent residences. Right???? Do you think the people of Rye were born yesterday?

  6. Petulant child,

    Yes, yes, I know, it’s all a faux cause celebre, or some other fancy word, and the city is crumbling and the sky is falling, and who has time to worry about truth and honesty when we’ve got cracked sidewalks and all. And the stuff about the Mr. Floatiemobile, that spitball has been used before, but it made me feel a whole lot better when I learned that it was someone else who received support and backing from Ray. Not me. I’m my own person. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same.

    Joe Sack

  7. First , let me just say that us members here at the RGC believe in Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a really good guy. What other human being donates all his spare time and trillions of his own money doing good in the world. Who else do you know that is so generous with their time and money. Well, as a matter of fact, we have someone right here in Rye that donates all his time and money running Lausdeo10580! All for truth, justice and the American way! That’s right, Leon Sculti spends countless hours of his own time FOILing and researching our gov’t and he does it all for free and all out of the kindness of his heart. God bless his soul! All the members at the RGC meeting the other night thanked Leon for all his time and personal money he’s spent running his blog and researching our dilemma here at the club. It’s almost too good to be true. Just like Santa Claus. But it’s no surprise given that he’s a real estate agent. Real estate agents are some of the purest souls I know. They would never lie to you and they ALWAYS tell the truth. That’s why Leon is such a good guy and has helped our RGC uncover the fiasco that occurred here at the club. Forget the fact that his first research assignment had to do with Hen Island. There’s no way Mr. Flotie would pay Leon to spend all his spare time digging up dirt on Hen Island. I mean, Mr. Flotie has only spent $750,000 of his own money on his Hen Island agenda so there’s no way he’d pay Leon to start a blog digging up dirt on Rye City officials, that thought is just silly. And anyway, Leon would never take any money from Mr. Flotie considering how good the real estate market has been. Leon is just a genuine great guy that just wants pure, lily-white government. Leon would never take money from anyone to dig up dirt on Scott Pickup to facilitate Scott’s departure from Rye’s payroll. Leon’s time is worthless, that’s why he does it for free! No, we here at the club want to thank Leon for all the time he’s spent researching and FOILing our problem out of the kindness of his heart. There’s only one other man in the world like him.

  8. Joe Sack writes:

    “who has time to worry about truth and honesty when we’ve got cracked sidewalks and all.”

    Did Tedc write that for you??? You know what they say , “If they say it’s about the truth and honesty, it’s not about the truth and honesty”

    Do me a favor Joe, instead of putting Rye thru your BS and then running for Mayor with Mr. Flotie’s help why don’t you just hand the keys to the kingdom over to Mr. Flotie now and spare us the sham of an election.

  9. “Truth and Honesty”, didn’t Newt Gingrich use those exact words about Bill Clinton before Newt dumped his dying cancer riddled wife for a lady 20 years his younger? It gets old. The Rye electorate wasn’t born yesterday. They all want to know why Joe Sack isn’t on the Flotie mobile?

  10. I think we need to investigate Scott Pickup every time he wipes his ass. Just because we have a City Manager style of gov’t doesn’t mean the City Manager should run the City. Especially, when it comes to newly hired, insubordinate, college grads.

  11. Sounds like we have a council quorum on the MyRye comments feed: Sack, French, Jovanovich and Filippied-My-Lid.

    One uses his real name the other three live in perpetual executive session. D. makes a motion Sack shuts up and the rest of us throw bombs from the shadows. Petulant Child? Yea. Observant Freak Show? Yea.

    Passed 3-1.