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Jackie O. Style at American Yacht Club

The Rye Historical Society will hold its spring luncheon, "Looking for Jackie: American Fashion Icons" on Thursday, March 7th at American Yacht Club from 12:00 to 2:30 pm.

You'll hear more about the qualities that made Jacqueline Kennedy the epitome of an American fashion icon, and find out which other American women were the "Jackie's" of their eras. Boutiques open at 11:15am.

Call (914) 967-7588 for reservations. Or visit ryehistory.org. Tickets are $60/person.

  1. I want all you people here to be nice to my Bobby. He’s a sweet boy and just wants to make sure all you meanies are behaving yourselves on this blog. Please use your real names. It angers him to the point where he throws tantrums and breaks his keyboard. I hate seeing my Bobby like this.

  2. Gee BZM, that sure takes a lot of guts and adds a huge amount of value to what is – sometimes – a useful dialog on this blog. Too bad you’re both too cowardly and too lazy to try to make real points under your real name.

  3. (Actually Bob, you consistently distract from the useful dialog when you act as the blog police criticizing anonymous bloggers. There are many reasons why residents use aliases in their postings. Lets stick to the content of the issues, not their names- no matter how critical they get of your pals in office)



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